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Monday Musings, 9/20/2021, Part 4


The final app I investigated was YouTube.

YouTube is an American video creation app created in 2005, owned by Alphabet, Inc., the parent company of Google. By 2019, over 500 hours of video content was uploaded every minute. Like the other four apps I researched, YouTube collects user information to target ads based on users viewing habits. (YouTube, 2021).

Most YouTubers don't think about their privacy, and often post videos of actions they would never do in public. YouTube has encountered numerous legal issues resulting from: limiting public access and exposure to content that may ignite social or political unrest, preventing criticism of governments and religion, and violations of morality-based laws. YouTube will prevent access due to: copyright protection, violations of hate speech, and attempting to prevent youth from watching inappropriate videos. (YouTube, 2021).

YouTube has some fantastic options for education. YouTube Kids stands out as an excellent example of how developers focused on child safety and security. YouTube Kids is a filtered, family-friendly version of YouTube. Students can watch age-appropriate educational videos with limited chances of nefarious activity.

I highly recommend YouTube Kids for use in education.

YouTube (2021, September 15). In Wikipedia.

YouTube Kids (n.d.).

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