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Monday Musings, 9/20/2021, Part 2


The second app I investigated was Instagram, owned by Facebook. Instagram was created in 2010, which allows users to share photos and videos captured using a cellphone. Young adults 18-34 years old make up 63% of Instagram users. It was originally intended to take the place of the now bankrupt Kodak corporation. Pictures and videos are only "live" for a short period.

There are a few things users should know before using Instagram.

First, your personal information is collected so advertisers can target your interests. One study found that users lose more privacy as more data is exchanged through various online platforms. So, if you use Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and tons of other websites, you are giving away your right to privacy, even if you don't know it.

Like its cousin, Facebook, Zuckerberg uses "fact checking" programs to determine what to allow on both platforms. Zuckerberg is extravagantly liberal, and the content his company "approves" generally disfavors conservative users.

While privacy violations should be an enormous concern for all users, Instagram has suggested several options to help protect your information. Consult: for their recommendations.

In its current form, I do not comprehend a place for Instagram in education. However, if safety measures are implemented and security is improved, I believe something like Instagram has possibilities to become beneficial to educators and students.

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